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Epic Wraps Inc. is a full service graphic installation shop with over 25 yrs in the graphics industry. Keith Plamondon in 2014 Successfully completed the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer ranking and was Vancouver Island's ONLY listed installer on 3M Canada's Graphics Website! In 2016 Keith Plamondon Successfully completed the 3M Endorsed Installer - Architectural Program with a 98%, is the ONLY Installer listed on 3M Endorsed Installers Website! We are the most qualified installers on the Island and proud of it.

Below are a small list of the many item in which Epic Wraps Inc. is fully trained to install. Graphic Installation Services Include:

  • Vehicle Wraps - Cars & Trucks
  • Paint Colour Changes
  • Boat Wraps
  • Transport Wraps
  • Paint Protection Films
  • Concrete Wall / Floor Graphics
  • Walls, Windows & ceilings
  • Mall Hoardings
  • Fascia Signage
  • Window Perf
  • Window Films - Solar, Decorative, Safety & Security
  • Wall Murals - all types of films
  • Rough Texture Applications
  • DiNoc Architectural Films (Woodgrains or Textures)

and more...

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